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Crafting is one of my favorite pastimes. It makes me feel like me. I love seeing an idea come to life and then proudly using it, displaying it or sharing it. Naturally, when Pinterest came along I was in heaven! No more magazine mood boards. No more power point idea files. Finally a place to store ideas and share crafty projects with others!

Well, about a year or so ago I realized that a lot of the women I know love to craft, too, but have a hard time carving out time to actually do the projects on their lists. So I started hosting Pinterest Parties; Basically a day where friends can craft, eat, drink and enjoy each others company! The concept is simple and the parties are pretty easy to host. I create a Facebook event and post some version of the below and then everyone uses the wall to share ideas and supplies…

1. Pick out a project you’ve been wanting to make (post ideas on this page to see if other want to do the same one)
2. Bring your supplies (share the list of supplies you need on this page so people can share and not have to double up)
3. Bring 1 dish to share (feel free to make something you’ve pinned—always a good excuse to try something new… but tried and true favorites are also ok)
4. Come have fun with other ladies who love to eat, drink and craft!
AND, let’s make new friends… everyone please invite a friend to come and craft with us!

I love Pinterest Parties and cherish the time spent crafting with friends. Below are the photos from the most recent Holiday Pinterest Party. These ladies amaze me with their creativity!

(Click on the photos below to view the gallery!)

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