Homemade Ring Cleaner

When I got engaged a few years ago I was so good about taking my ring off whenever I was doing activities; cooking, crafting, washing my hands, etc. When I would be out shopping I would also stop in any jewelry store I passed by to get my ring cleaned. Well, as most of us married women know… that phase only lasts so long. It is just way too inconvenient to keep that up. But, I LOVE my ring! And I love when it’s clean and sparkly! Scott gave me the most amazing ring that he custom designed with a jeweler in San Francisco. During one of our many visits to the jeweler he let me in on a little secret… the best ring cleaner can be made at home! Mind blown! He said he had tested out many different formulas, but the absolute best results he found was by using “the green Mr. Clean” and water. I use this cleaner all the time and love making little jars of it as gifts for friends!


1 part “green” Mr. Clean
2 parts water

Other Supplies:
1 toothbrush
1 Kleenex
1 jar or small storage container
Water to rinse

Mix 1 part Mr. Clean with 2 parts water in your jar.






Place your ring(s) into the solution. Let the rings soak for a minute (I usually leave them in there, take a shower and then clean them.)






Dip the toothbrush in the solution and then scrub your ring(s) on all sides. (feel free to dip your rings again and scrub as many times as you’d like)






Then rinse your ring(s) under warm water.


Place your ring(s) on a Kleenex and pat dry. (I have found Kleenex to be the best. Towels and toilet paper leave fibers on the ring)


You’re done! Enjoy your sparkly clean ring!


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